Nathanielle Sean Crawford

I am proud to say that Salem, Massachusetts is where I have published my first book. But to deny the place where I was born, Bennington, Vermont, is to deny the experiences and wisdom that have lead up until now. So if you ask me where I am from, the answer will always be that I am from Salem, but I was born in Bennington.

As my titles become available, you will find the links to where you can find them, and the available format, here at the bottom of the main page. Unlike Confessions of a Cart Jockey, which I will not completely abandon, The Salem Author in Bennington will be devoted entirely to my journey as an author, as well as reviews of books, movies, and any creative pursuit that catches my interest at the time.

All reviews are the expressed opinion of the author of this blog, and are not meant to advertise, nor discourage the purchase of, any of the reviewed materials. Reviews are given of my own volition and are not paid for or endorsed by the owners of the reviewed materials. Also be aware that all reviews come with a spoiler warning.

The categories of this blog are arranged as follows:

The Author’s Journey: All posts are related to some aspect of my writing, the editing process, and my interactions with the people who are helping me to achieve my goals. Shout outs and special thanks will also go here.

Come Latelies : Any review of a movie, book, or creation that has been out there ten years or more. The main idea is that these are reviews of things that I have just now, or recently experienced that the rest of the world has more than caught up on by now. A good example of this is my review of any movie with Humphrey Bogart.

The Same Page Media Reviews: Any review of a television program, movie, or other creation of a visual/interactive medium that is brand spanking new.

My Own Line-Up: Reviews of films and television programs that have been released on DVD or are available on demand.

My Own Online-Up: Reviews of webseries and web based video content.

The Beta Reads: When an author that I have beta read for finally publishes their work, I will review their final product here.

The Alpha Reads: Reviews of any book or movie that was recently released.

Exchanges With the Writing Community: These posts are inspired by, or a direct response to, a conversation or thread that I have participated in with other writers and authors.

The Works of Nathanielle Sean Crawford

Don’t forget to review the book once you have read it. I will never buy reviews, nor will I respond harshly to reviews of a critical nature, as any and all responses are encouraged and appreciated.

Survive By The Sword E-book 2.99

The Sweetest Death E-book 2.99

Available at Barnes N Noble, Goodreads, Kobo and Smashwords

The Ideas in my Head is a pay what you want book, available on Smashwords. If you want to pay an amount less than what Smashwords sets as the base, or if you’re squeamish about opening an account on an unfamiliar site, then you can pay me via paypal and I will send you a PDF copy of the book, along with cover art.

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