My Own Online-Up: Ginger Kid and Laughs

Creator: Steve Hofstetter

If you are unfamiliar with the comedy of Steve Hofstetter, you can click on the link above to download a free copy of Dark Side of the Room. Within the first thirty minutes, you will see why his following is as international as his reputation for shutting down hecklers.

Ginger Kid

If you saw any of Steve Hofsetter’s performances back in 2014, you may have had the chance to see his rehearsal for the live special, Ginger Kid. Available to rent or own at Youtube and Vimeo, the Thinking Man’s Comic offers more of the comedian’s trademark social commentary on politics, sports, prejudice discrimination, and other current issues.

Steve does not do one-liners, and none of his jokes are ever purely for shock value. But his comedy is smart and accessible in a way that makes you want to keep up to date on what is going on in the world, especially when he touches on the subjects of responsible dog ownership and the folly of Homeland Security’s policy towards bottles of liquid over 3 ounces.

Updated for March 7, 2016 to include a link to Ginger Kid, now available for free on Youtube. The link will be available for as long as the video is available on Youtube.


From the same creator is the comedy clip show Laughs. Broadcast on limited Fox stations, the show is also free to watch on Youtube. Up and coming comics from all over the US send in their best clips to gain national exposure. Later episodes feature a lot of the same clips from earlier episodes, so if you’re watching it on Youtube, it may be best to give yourself a week between viewings.

Laughs also features sketch comedy, like this video from Sasquatch Comedy seen in the pilot episode.

One of the things that made me a fan of Steve Hofstetter was how much of an example he sets in himself as a self-made man, who has rubbed shoulders with legends and soon-to-be legends of the comedy industry. His philosophy of not apologizing for his comedy is as strong as the philosophy of giving other comics the chance to find their own success. Naysayers are quick to point out that the comedians are not compensated financially, but the fact that comedians who were relatively unknown before Laughs can now showcase their best clips for the world to see cannot be overstated. This is a definite leg-up, although at this time I am not sure if they are still accepting new clips.

The earlier episodes featured live introductions that were filmed at one of the clubs that he co-owns. The most recent episodes have been hosted by a different comedian each week, but the feel and the spirit of the show remain the work of a man who is legendary as being the first Facebook user to have five million followers.

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