Over The Windy Bridge

Writing has always been my greatest asset. I’ve tried many forms of artistic expression, but writing is the most consistent. As a child I had an active imagination, and growing up, my family encouraged it with the movies they took me to see, the books they bought me for Christmas, and the toys that allowed me to form vast and intricate plots and story arcs. Whenever I would spend any length of time talking about some idea, or concept, my mother was always the one who told me to “Write it down”.

Later in life, I learned the importance of not writing something if I didn’t want someone else to read it. This was especially true in school, when some of the stories I wrote for class had any element of violence. I didn’t appreciate the way they would try to censor me, but when I look at what kids have to endure now in the wake of the Columbine Shooting and 9/11, I’m grateful that at least I never wound up in the news for something that I wrote.

High school was when I began taking my writing seriously. I don’t mean to say that I had anything I would be brave enough to show the world now. But some combination of my family’s encouragement, my own creative abilities, and the support I found in programs like Upward Bound, were the driving force behind my decision to use writing as my primary artistic endeavor.

Now, fifteen years later, I have self-published my very first book. It probably surprised some people close to me that it wasn’t science fiction, or something to do with vampires. Don’t worry, because the vampire story is right around the corner. But for now, my focus is on the adventures of Nicodemus Dean: stage combat trainer by day, reluctant detective by whenever he has time between classes.

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