A Gated Community

I’m not sure if I’ve always been a part of the writing community, or if my badge came in the mail only after I had a publication and a sale under my belt. But one thing is for certain: I want to remain a part of this community. The best way to do that is to offer help to other authors whenever I can, in the form of thoughtful feedback.

While The Sweetest Death, the second book in the Nicodemus Dean series, is currently being edited, I have begun beta reading the two or more chapters of novels that other writers have been sending me. At least two authors responded well to my suggestions. One writer responded politely enough, but in such a way that I am still reluctant to offer any more feedback on this particular project.

I don’t expect to have a certain number of hours clocked. I don’t expect reciprocation in exchange for a beta read, except when the reciprocity comes in the form of a good word here and there. Maybe a mention in the acknowledgments, or a glance at my own book somewhere down the road.

Overall, I hope that my place in the community is secured by my willingness to offer assistance when possible.

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