Fundraising For The Sweetest Death Book Cover

The Sweetest Death has just had it’s first proofread. If everything goes according to plan, the book should be available by December, preferably on my 33rd birthday, but won’t press my luck.

Set a couple of years after Survive by the Sword, Nicodemus Dean’s working vacation goes into overtime when he witnesses the death of a young man from what appears to be a simple overdose. It’s tragic, but certainly nothing sinister, and Nicodemus is more than willing to let it go, since he has enough drama of his own to contend with after a scandal on the home front has all but forced him into what he calls a “paid exile”.

When Jenny Wicks, a loose cannon in a fedora, insists that her fiancé was murdered, Nicodemus finds himself reluctantly being pressed into service as the detective that he never was, and never played on TV.

So yes, it would seem as though Nicodemus Dean is back on the beat, whether he wants to be or not. Readers may not know that Survive by the Sword was originally a premade cover that not only fit into my budget, but had enough elements that it resembled certain scenes in the book without having to stretch the imagination.

This time around, I would like to pay the same artist to do an original cover that is specifically tailored to my specifications. Dora Gonzales knows her stuff, and it was because of that first cover that my book wound up in places like So I am eager to work with her again, and that’s where my readers come in.

The estimate for the cover is $45, depending on what images she needs to use to put the thing together. So I want to raise at least $100 to use as wiggle room so that I’m sure I’ve paid her for her time and effort. Whatever remains will go towards the book cover for the third book in the series.

Eventually, I want to make a printed omnibus edition of all three of the first books in the Nicodemus Dean series.

Obviously, the best way to help me raise money would be to go straight to Smashwords and buy a copy of Survive by the Sword, which is available in e-book format only. That would also help me rise in the ratings, and you can buy the book through any of the websites listed on the front page of this blog. But one of the rewards for backers of five dollars or more is a free copy of both ebooks, complete with cover art so keep that in mind.

Ten backers who choose the ten dollar option will not only be thanked in the acknowledgments of The Sweetest Death, but will also be inserted into a future book as a minor character. You can keep the honor for yourself or make a special gift to a loved one and have their name inserted instead.

For the four backers who want to donate twenty dollars, thus putting me at my $100 dollar goal in the quickest amount of time, the character, named after you, will have a “speaking part” in the book. (IE: An interrogation as a main suspect)

The fundraiser is through, but if you don’t feel comfortable going through a third party, you may also send money straight to my Paypal account through

All backers and donors will be thanked by name (Specify either your full name, or a family appropriate online screen name) in the acknowledgments section.

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