The Process Starts Over Again

The new reading group works on a schedule. Two members send out their stories, giving the other members time to read and make comments on each piece. The meeting is spent giving our critique to the stories that were in the spotlight.

My turn is coming up sooner than expected, so my goal is to have something new prepared for the others to read. Some might ask why I’m not showing them my Nicodemus Dean series, and the answer to that is that aside from some basic grammar and syntax, there’s nothing I want to change in the stories. Plus, there’s a word limit for each submission, and I don’t want to spend a year having two chapters at a time critiqued.

So for this group, it will be something new. And it was no small coincidence that I happened to have a dream on the night of the 21st, our last meeting, that had begun a slow metamorphosis all day, until it was the vulnerable form of what I hope I can turn into a piece that is ready to polish.

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