The Same Page Media Reviews: X Factor UK 2015, Mason Noise

Hold on to your butts, because this is going to get ugly.

I swore I wouldn’t use this blog to criticize the artist, but rather the art. I have another blog for just that purpose. But at the same time I realize that I can’t be a legitimate reviewer if I only cover things that I like. And unfortunately, when you criticize the piece you are by proxy criticizing the artist. So I’ll take this gamble this early in the blog’s lifespan and go right for the jugular.

For a quick recap, Mason Noise was one of the contestants from this year’s X-Factor, featuring veteran judges Simon Cowel, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, and new comers Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw. After an intense audition, followed by an impressive showing at boot camp, Mason was on his way to claiming one of coveted seats in the Six Chair Challenge.

To make a long story short, Mason apparently wasn’t happy with the way his first audition was cut, alleging that it was only 47 seconds long as opposed to the ten minutes apiece the other contestants got. This shouldn’t have been such a huge deal, as his Six Chair performance basically guaranteed him one of the chairs, but he felt so strongly about this that he had a big shouting match with Simon at the end of his time. Names were called, mics were dropped, and the judges were left stunned at the behavior.

Whatever happened off screen, I couldn’t tell you, but apparently Mason made his way back into the good graces of the X-Factor family, and he was invited to perform at the next round of the competition: The Judge’s Houses. (I’m looking forward to seeing that, by the way) According to interviews, Mason was correct about the time of his first audition, and perhaps that was the major factor in the decision to let him back in, but there’s still some concern that he won’t behave himself at the Live Shows.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am in no position to criticize someone else for rage quitting. Maybe Mason was right and maybe there was no way to go about this supposed wronging than to make a big public stink about it, in front of thousands of fans who would no doubt go to Youtube and Twitter with their findings. I have no real love or hate for Mason as an artist and I do wish him well. I suppose my only concern is that getting back into the X-Factor sends a strange sort of message to future contestants, when you consider the kinds of behaviors that got people ejected from these competitions in the past.

Ultimately it was Nick Grimshaw’s decision. I don’t know if Simon would have been so forgiving, but the only thing to do now is to sit back and watch as the drama unfolds.

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