Gamble or Grace?

Originally, Survive by the Sword was supposed to be published on September 1st. But I didn’t have all of the specifics for Smashwords figured out yet, so I published it on August 15, which is my youngest brother’s date of birth. Now November is looming in the distance.

My plan for The Sweetest Death was to publish it in December, which would be ideal as it would give me time to raise the appropriate amount of money to get the cover I would prefer. However, with what I’ve raised, I could get an acceptable premade cover, which would be a gamble as the cover really draws the readers.

Yet just like August was the birth month of my youngest brother, three more siblings were all born in the month of November. Would it be a gamble to publish early, after I’ve done all of the polishing I can do at this stage, or would be it be an act of grace that my second book would be published in another month when I have been so blessed with two brothers and a sister?

That would leave me with the month of May, the month in which my original partner in crime was born. I’d have to really work hard to publish something else by then. Wonder if I’d be up for the gamble?

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