I’m Not Doing Nanowrimo, But…

Nanowrimo is the annual monthly novel writing contest. The idea is that you start on November 1st and try to see if you can write 50,000 words or more by the 30th. By no means are you required to stop at 50,000 words, and the only thing you really “win” is the knowledge that you now have at least 50,000 words to edit and polish.

Recently, I had started writing a short story in the urban fantasy genre. The story began as a dream, but as I progressed, I realized there were too many concepts to fit into a shorter work. The more I wrote and the more I thought about things as I do, and the idea expanded into something that I knew I would need at least 50,000 words to cover.

So with the depressing month of October finally behind me, this November morning started with 1,000 words. We’ll see how far I get tonight, but I will set my sights on 5,000 before midnight.

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