The Art of Delayed Gratification

(And Why I Suck at It)

I recently checked out a book by Stephen Kendrick, entitled Night Watch. It is the “lost” chronicle of Sherlock Holmes’ encounter with Father Brown.

I’m loving it so far, if for no other reason than Kendrick seems to have a flair for adopting Doyle’s original style. I shouldn’t be so unfair to the other authors who have written Sherlock Holmes tales, but to be entirely fair, I am always prepared to cringe at any alternate depiction of Doctor Watson.

Alas, I have come across another book in a series of Urban Fantasy novels that is also coincidentally titled The Night Watch Series, by Russian author Sergei Lukyanenko. This was while I was scanning the table full of paperbacks of a book sale at The Beverly Free Library. The book was only one dollar, so it was officially mine, as opposed to the former book, which is the property of the Lynnfield library and therefore subject to return any moment now.

So why couldn’t I wait and finish the Sherlock/Father Brown crossover? Because I just suck that badly at delayed gratification and The Night Watch Series is just that good. Sometimes I can put something off until the last minute, whereas other times I have to respond to an impulse, no matter how ill advised it may be.

As an author, I know there are times when this mentality will cost me opportunities. Hopefully, I will be wise enough to recognize those times in the near future, but I also won’t lose sleep over them. In the meantime, I will undoubtedly finish the Sherlock Holmes story and in good time, offer a review of the book.

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