The Tripod Trials

I bought a new tripod recently. Only ten bucks, it has flexible legs, so that in theory I could make videos from a variety of angles in any place I happen to be.

My plan was to record a video “interview” whereby I summarize my books, share some insights into the stories, including Easter eggs that readers might find interesting, and generally just encourage people to rush to their favorite on-line retailers.

Alas, finding a quiet place in all of the North Shore to record a video is about as likely as finding the winning lottery ticket underneath the floorboards of a house you won from the Publisher’s Clearing house.

So I went to the one place in any town where I should have relative peace, quiet, and privacy: a cemetery. This provides a whole new set of challenges. Appropriate location, wind, how respectful is the place I am setting up my camera? Are the groundskeepers going to give me a hard time, are there going to be a lot of dog walkers? What about the traffic inside and around the cemetery?

I went to cemeteries all the time to rehearse comedy sets and other things, so this should have been no different. Alas, the circumstances were never right, so I returned to the library to come up with a new plan.

Oh, and before you hit the comments section, I’m aware that I could just record the video at home. That is a last resort, with just as many distractions and frustrations as any other place.

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