A Special #SmallBusinessSaturday Post

There are two bookstores that I wish to give a special shout out too. The first is The Bennington Bookshop in Bennington, Vermont.

The Bennington Bookshop   was where I spent the majority of my hard earned baby-sitting money. At first they were the regular suppliers of my monthly Animorphs addiction, as well as the occasional Star Trek tie-in, and other literary fixes that plagued my youth.

The store had a low pressure atmosphere, with a warm and inviting sitting area that made it a welcome place to go on a cold winter’s day. Back when one of Vermont’s world famous blizzards struck the town of Bennington, I remember this being one of the few businesses that remained open for that day.

This was also the place where I bought my very first tarot deck.

The only bookstore in the Southern Vermont area that holds a candle to The Bennington Bookshop is the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, Vermont.

A number of well established authors have held special events here, including Sue Grafton and Stephen King. Since the days when I first discovered this book shop, they have expanded to include a coffee shop/bakery, which has made them like a small business version of Barnes and Noble, while still retaining their local flavor.

Other services include a printer that allows aspiring young authors to actually have a printed copy of their own book.

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