Same Page Media Reviews: Adam Ruins Everything

Life is complicated. Or, we made it complicated. The research is out there and the experts have spoken, but who has time to be well informed and educated when you can just assume what you know and act as if your assumptions have always been fact?

That’s why I’m glad that there is a show called Adam Ruins Everything. If Confessions of a Cart Jockey had a budget and a contract to communicate to people through the one medium that the majority of the world still pays attention to, this is what that show might look.

Former College Humor writer Adam Conover spends a half-hour at a time debunking cultural myths, social fallacies, and (dare I say it) Failures of Humanity in a way that is entertaining, yet educational. Throughout the narrative of the show, wherein Adam inserts himself into the daily lives of some unassuming bystander, we see the sources of his information in the form of little blurbs on the screen, as well as actual experts who present their research to the audience. (Sometimes, the experts are just as entertaining as the actors)

Anyone who is a regular follower of my other blog knows how I feel about cars and driving. Adam not only covers the ways that the car and the auto industry have basically destroyed our civilization, but he rather intuitively shuts down all of the arguments people have thrown in my face when I make the same basic points.

Adam Conover is a much needed voice of reason, and if you’re as frustrated with ignorance and lack of education as I am, you’ll definitely want to tune in to Adam Ruins Everything. Don’t worry though, every episode ends with a reassuring Aesop that reminds us that we just need to keep our heads on straight if we want to stay afloat.

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