Same Page Media Reviews : Ask a Muslim Anything, with Robert Azzi

Robert Azzi is newspaper columnist who gave a talk at the First Church of Salem Unitarian Universalist, just a few hours before I have written and posted this.

It wasn’t so much a lecture as it was an opportunity to create a positive influence in the community, by giving attendants a chance to ask questions and alleviate some of the ignorance that has been perpetuated in our media.

I was surprised to learn that Robert had spoken with presidential candidates, including Jeb Bush. The most astonishing statement was that, while Bush would not change his mind about the label of “Radical Islamic Terrorism” he was at least willing to listen to Robert’s views. He even thanked Robert later on at the same events, and this was the closest thing to a glowing vote of confidence that was placed in the Republican candidates.

It’s definitely an interview I will look forward to, if he gets to put it out there.

Many questions were asked, and I did my best to absorb it all. Robert responded with passion and fairness, promoting above all else the that education is the key to ending ignorance and misinformation.

I encourage my readers to seek out these talks, whoever is giving them. I’ve seen this title given to a number of events throughout the States, but there are a number of speakers at each event.

I for one, applaud Robert Azzi for using his voice to combat ignorance and fear with education and unity. And I hope that my own blog communicates the same desire


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