Same Page Media Reviews: Dual Survival, Long Way Home –

We pick up where we left off in Fire and Ice.

Grady and Bill are still in the cave, doing their best to get some sleep through the night after two failed attempts at getting a fire going. Bill was rather upset with himself over the inability to cash on in the check that he had written on the first night and the first half of this second episode centers on his trying to regain the trust of his partner.

We definitely see more of Bill’s spiritual side in this episode. After the enormous boost gained when they find a clean spring in a river that would otherwise be too dangerous to drink from (being that it’s in the path of a recent lava flow) Bill once again manages to convince Grady that they need to try and get a fire going. The main motivator here is that they have also discovered signs of wild pigs.

Bill goes the extra mile once again to try and get a fire going, only this time, the conditions are just right. He pulls it off and we are treated to the first real show of the major differences between these two men. Bill is moved to tears by the results of his efforts and it spooks Grady a bit, which is understandable when you are in a survival situation with someone that you barely know.

But I understand Bill’s position more than you might think. While my life has rarely been on the line to the same extent, I know what it is like to be desperate. You spend a night walking 20 miles along a rural highway when it’s near pitch black, pouring out, thunder and lightening, and no one exactly tripping over themselves to see if you need help, and you bet that you are going to be grateful to whatever fates guide the universe when you manage to find yourself safe at home by the end of it. And that was along a stretch of what was supposed to be civilization. So I imagine that if I were to manage to get a fire going with the bare minimum of resources that Bill had to work with, I would be just as emotional and just as grateful.

The bond between the two survivalists grows stronger with the successful killing of a wild pig. Although there is definitely a long way to go in terms of what these men can teach us. For example, so far, it seems that Bill has been the most persuasive when it comes to the tough decisions, and he has had at least a 0-1 success rate in those moments. But Grady does have the military background and the by-the-numbers mentality, that will at some point, have to take priority over the spiritualism. And I’m looking forward to seeing how the relationship will play out when that day comes.

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