I Finally Responded To My Dreams

I wrote and finished a short story yesterday. It could probably use some editing, but in the meantime, it is the story that I will read at the open mic on Wednesday, February 3rd, or the 10th.

It’s a nice short and sweet piece (everyone dies, so it depends on how loosely you define “sweet”) but no, you will not get to read it until after I have done the open mic. I just want the responses to it to be organic and the more it circulates online (Even if I only e-mail it to one or two people) the more spoiled it will be.

Of all places, I learned this concept from Stephen King. In Salem’s Lot, the main character reflects on how telling too many people about your story, or talking about it to any level of excess, can really kill it. I have learned this lesson a few times and I’m finally learning to implement it.

So keep an eye on the blog and I will definitely be doing a video of this reading.

2 thoughts on “I Finally Responded To My Dreams

  1. The closest I’ve come to a short story has a word count of 47k, and it took a month to write. You have my curtsy on bended knee. I agree, the influence of others is a powerful thing and it’s hard to ignore—and to recognize what matters and what doesn’t. Your description of “everyone dies” is a beautiful example for the notion of ‘kill your darlings’ and to do it without apology. Good luck on your open mic night reading and I will definitely watch the video if you post one…no pressure, huh?


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