The Old Man’s Birthday ~ An Open Mic Reading

So it turns out that the Walnut Street Cafe ran into a bit of trouble recently. Actually, someone ran into them. I guess their coffee was just that good. So I was surprised at first to see that they had undergone a bit of, ahem, renovations since I last performed there.

However, the cafe has regenerated and is now going just as strongly as ever. The open mic, once hosted by Tony Toledo, is now hosted by a lady going by the name of Red who knocked it out of the park as both emcee and poet by opening up the event with a reading of a poem inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.

The Sparrow was a loving homage. While it had Poe’s distinctive flavor, this piece was very much Red’s own piece and I look forward to seeing more of her work (Oh, and if you read this Red, please let me know if there is a blog, website, or twitter handle you’d like me to link so that my readers may check out more of your work).

Without further dudes, here is the video of my first open mic for 2016. Perhaps it is no coincidence that this happened in the February of a leap year.

The Old Man’s Birthday

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