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Confessions of a Cart Jockey

The one major difference about this year’s kickoff party was the utter lack of pastries. Whole Foods was the supplier for the snacks and the Hawthorne provided the coffee and tea, but alas there was not an éclair or a crepe to found.

After entertaining my friend, whom I will call Tanya after the sister of Fievel Mouskewitz of An American Tale, thus maintaining this entry as the last of the “Kickoff Party” trilogy, asked me if there would be pastries. She had inquired about them earlier but to no avail.

Around that time I had seen the owner of Coffee Time Bakeshop, which was where the pastries came from last year. But whether the numbers didn’t add up to make a full order for the event or there just wasn’t enough room in the reception area, he had no pastries in tow.

“I don’t know,” I told Tanya in…

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