Of Mice and Mice, or, What Kind Of Documentaries Would Feature at a Film Festival for Mice

Confessions of a Cart Jockey


Among the questions asked of anyone at a Film Fest Kickoff party are, “Do you work in film?” or, “Are you a filmmaker/producer?”

Like the other volunteers, I wore my volunteer shirt but as I was there to partake in the party, the shirt was concealed beneath my button down flannel shirt. Routinely, I was prepared to open the shirt in a dramatic fashion to proudly reveal the logo. This was complicated by the fact that the strap from my laptop bag was in the way and later by the realization that if I kept doing that in a public place, it might look as though I was flashing someone.

The reason I had the laptop bag on me, was because there wasn’t actually a person working the coat check of the hotel. It was strictly self-service if you wanted to leave something there and while I generally trust the…

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