First To Arrive

The Kick Off party was great, for about the first five minutes.

There were a couple of live musicians, but for the most part, I think if I could have done it differently, I would have gone about an hour later. Because the party was held in the lower floor of the old Town Hall. They’ve been renovating the building, so there’s nothing in there right now, which makes it perfect for a large gathering. But it’s also very underwhelming compared to the upstairs ballroom.

So I get there early and the food is laid out, and I’m faced with another dilemma. Go over there and eat food, or wait until everyone else has arrived. There are a handful of people there and most of them are drinking wine, because the only beverages available at first was wine. Later there was water, but before that, there was just wine. Not even non-alcoholic wine. So that was a bit of a let down, because I don’t feel comfortable drinking in a crowd full of people I barely know.

I finally got over my reservations and ate a couple of the sandwich wraps. Also, Coffee Time came through this year. I controlled myself, only taking two pastries, and I was done with that.

But I’m just not a mingler, so I really didn’t have much of a shelf life there once I showed up. That’s okay, because it’s not like I was an actor in Hollywood trying to land a great part in a blockbuster movie. I’m a volunteer enjoying the perks of participating in something great. It was my third year doing this and next year will be my fourth.

Tonight is the one movie I will get to see, because I screwed up when I picked the other one and I didn’t check to see if the schedule would work with my volunteer shift. It’s called Missing People. Check out the link and see what it’s about.

Maybe I’ll see all of my reader there.

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