Steven Moffatt’s Doctor Who

We all knew that kid. The one with the NES, the SNES, the Gameboy, the Gameboy Advance, and the PC with all of the computer games like Starcraft and Command and Conquer. 

He also had the action figures. And in the beginning he was very generous with those toys, bringing them to school to share with the other kids. As he got older, he stopped sharing his toys, and would only allow people to play with them if they were at his house, where he could keep an eye on them.

“Except for you Mark and Paul, cause I trust you. And Neil, if you ever want to come over, you can borrow any of my toys you want because you’re cool.”

In spite of how some might interpret this passage, I assure you that this is entirely complimentary on my part. I know because I am also describing myself on some level.

I was that kid with a lot of toys. But these were toys that I had acquired over the years, because I treated the gifts I was given like they were precious. It was as if my parents had given me the cupboard that the boy had placed the Indian in, and after placing Godzilla, Mother, a host of dinosaurs, transformers and various action figures into the cupboard and opening the doors, I had thrown away the cupboard entirely because I was certain that sending them back was some form of murder.

And when I was twelve, I used those toys to act out a long running series of stories. Each character had a backstory and character arcs, and foreshadowing. And I don’t think I have ever watched a series that was as entertaining or as involved as the one I was creating in my bedroom every afternoon. And I couldn’t trust anyone else to participate in the overarching story because I was and still am a man who cares about the story he is telling.

Steven Moffatt is also a man who cares about the story.

People call him egotistical, because most of the episodes of the 12th Doctor’s run were either written by him, or have his name as the co-writer.

Oh yeah. The guy who saw a fan made version of a Doctor Who opening and paid that creator to spiff it up and make it the actual opening for Peter Capaldi’s era is such an egotist.

Mostly they call him that because it appears that Moffatt has no concern for the Russel T. Davis Era. You know, except for the numerous references to Rose, Martha, Donna, and Captain Jack Harkness. And including a clip of Christopher Ecclesten in the 50th Anniversary episode. And using the Judoon and the Cybus Industries Cybermen, and using 9 and 10’s Tardis interior once or twice, Moffatt completely forgot and disrespected Russel T. Davis’ Era of Doctor Who

I get it. There are people who loved 9 and 10’s years more than 11 and 12 for whatever reason. But if it weren’t for Steven Moffatt, I never would have started watching Doctor Who. So did I punch the air whenever 12 began describing events that happened to 9, 10, 11, and the other Doctors as if they happened to him? Yes. Yes I did. Because he is the same person. The Doctor is always going to be the same person, with the same memories, and the same experience as his previous bodies because they are all different incarnations of the same man who’s granddaughter got him into this mess by luring two teachers from Cole Hill High School on that foggy November evening in 1963.

So if Moffatt wants to interfere with the story he wants to tell by finally taking full creative control, then by all means let him have at it. Because he has all of the toys now, and they’re his to do with as he pleases until he’s found the right person to leave them to.

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