Survive by the Sword: Free For One Year

Here it is; Survive by the Sword, free for one year. All you have to do is go to Smashwords and input this coupon code:


Then, when you’ve downloaded and read your free copy of Survive By The Sword, you go to your favorite online retailer like Barnes and Noble or Goodreads and you write a review of the book. It could be the most scathing review you’ve ever written or it could be the most flattering, but it will be a review, and it will be your chance to make or break me this early in my career.

Come on, doesn’t that idea just give you a certain thrill? I’m handing you the ticket to the theme park that is my self-esteem and for one whole year, you get to ride it for as long as you like.

And it couldn’t be any simpler than just going to, or clicking on the link above and inputting the coupon code given to download your free book.

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