Someone’s Finding The Coupons

I’ve had three downloads this week alone. Now all I hope is that someone has the consideration to review the book after they have read it.

Someone responded when I posted on a writer’s group recently. To paraphrase, they said, “Well, if they bought my book, I don’t care. I got paid. Why worry?”

They’d have a valid point if I didn’t give out a coupon for a free download. So I’m not making a penny off of these “sales”, and maybe that will help to increase the statistics on Smashwords and give my book a slightly higher rating and visibility. But reviews are also a good way to let people know my book is there. You post the review on your favorite online retailer and people find the review among search results as they are googling books of a similar nature.

I’m glad people are checking it out, at least. The numbers will make me feel like I’ve done something right, even if it was just putting up a couple of fliers in the right place.

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