A Form Of Petty Revenge

I’m a very verbal thinker. That is a polite way of saying that I routinely talk to myself, in public, before I’ve stopped myself. This got me into quite a bit of trouble in my growing years and managed to frustrate the hell out of one glory seeking shrink.

Now, I think of it as the best way of getting people to leave me alone.

As I’m mentally plotting out my book, sometimes a mystery, I will randomly, without warning, say something along the lines of, “But where am I going to put the body?”

You think it’s hilarious, or that I am mean and short sighted, but as I said, I generally have no control over this process. Nor do I seek to gain control over such. Mark Gatiss is known for this and even related a tale of when he was writing an episode of Doctor Who on a plane, and the stares he got over the things he would mutter out loud.


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