A Form of Petty Revenge (2) The Unruly Partner/Family Member/Friend

We all joke about it. You can find examples of this in nearly every one of your favorite artists. This is the form of petty revenge that can quickly turn into a double edged sword if you are not shy about using it, so just be aware that while it can be a great way to relieve some tension, it can backfire as quickly as anything that has fallen out of the mouth of, well, anyone currently running for president.

It’s the concept of putting the family member, friend, coworker, or mouthy, power hungry librarian into the narrative of your story as either the villain, or the victim of some terrible consequence.

You can have fun with this. Exaggerate their worst characteristics. Write about a very specific incident that happened between the two of you and insert it into the narrative, or as an amusing B plot.

Just remember, never flat out name the person you are angry with. This goes perfectly with the standard common sense advice of, Don’t Write it If You Don’t Want Someone To Read it. And if you’re going to tell the person you’re doing this to that you’re doing it, make sure they have a good sense of humor and that they’re not the sort of people to try to take you to court over petty annoyances.

Although if they do take you to court, be sure to bring several copies of your work with you, as this could also be a golden opportunity to score new readers .

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