Apples To Apples ~ A Dialogue Thursday Post

It was a slow day at the bookstore. My friend and I were walking among the shelves, casually running a finger up the spines of the titles and seeing if anything jumped out at us.

He noticed something.

“Hey, look at that. It’s Twilight, but there’s a green apple on the cover.”

“Oh yeah,” I said. “It’s the same story, with the genders reversed.”

“Cool. What about that one?” He pointed to Twilight with a Golden Delicious apple.

“That’s Twilight if Edward fell in love with Jacob.”

“And what about that skinny one; the one with the apple cut up into slices?”

“That’s Twilight if Bella informed her dad about Edward’s behavior early on. It’s not very long.” I walked to the end of the shelf and picked up the copy of Twilight with a freeze dried apple on the cover. “This one is supposed to be awesome. It’s Twilight if Bella suspected Edward of cheating on her with the vampire from Alaska, and drove all the way to Nome to confront them. I hear she wears a diaper so she doesn’t have to stop.”

On the way out of the bookstore, we saw a window clinger announcing the upcoming eighth Harry Potter novel.

I scoffed.

“Looks like someone’s run out of ideas.”

“I know,” My friend agreed. “What a desperate attempt to milk a past success.”

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