Zeta Read Reviews ~ If I Was A Fat Kid Watching Anime by Steven Borella

What… did I just read?

I know it’s a serious effort, because he went to the trouble of buying not one, but two covers. Or maybe, as he is allegedly a computer engineer who went to the University of California, he designed the covers himself. Kudos if he did, because if this is a sample of his writing, than at least he has something to fall back on.

I can’t tell if this essay was meant to be satirical in nature. In the first place it is horribly formatted, with gratuitous use of italics for no apparent reason. Words are capitalized for emphasis, regardless of whether or not they should be emphasized. But then there is the mean spirited nature of this six page offering.

Let me slow down just a moment and point out that I really don’t want to make a reputation for myself as someone who attacks other authors, either online or in person. For all I know, this author is simply portraying a character, the way comedians sometimes have a completely different personality on stage than the way they are in real life. Maybe Steven Borella doesn’t really believe that students who sit at the front row of a class are “brown nosers”. Maybe he actually has respect for students that actually participate in the really expensive college courses that they’re going to have to pay for later in life. On the other hand, he could just as easily have had all of his classes paid for by a wealthy relative, which is why I really hope that none of what I have read in this essay is meant to be taken seriously. Still, I have to review the work as it is presented, which includes my reaction to the overall nature of the piece.

It’s categorized under Essay on Smashwords, so I have to assume since it is not also categorized as such that his piece represents the genuine thoughts and opinions of the author.

There’s confidence. There’s the courage to hold true to your convictions, enough so that you inspire others to follow you. But then you have mean spirited and angry diatribes by someone who clearly feels that he is above everyone. What other conclusion can I draw from a guy who assumes that any person who is not “getting laid” must be masturbating all the time. He also misspells masturbation at one point and assumes that all fat people who pay attention in class can’t be “getting laid”.

Whatever this author’s problem is, or whether I’m reading too much into it, he’s doing himself no favors by the poor effort that’s been put into the format of the final piece. Everyone responds differently to different attitudes and Borella may very well have his readers. After looking at this, however, I will not be one of them.

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