9 Interview Questions From My Facebook Writing Group

1 What genre do you prefer to write?

I’ve been spoiled by so many genre bending authors that I don’t know if I can narrow it down. Anything with a bit of the paranormal is always nice, but I’ve been focusing more on the amateur sleuth genre of late.
2 What books or authors or other people have influenced your writing?

I don’t think Q from James Bond could create a database big enough to store all of my answers to that.
3 Are you an outliner or a panster? Sometimes I’m a pantliner, but only when I don’t feel like getting up from the computer.
4 Can you tell us a little bit about your writing process and methods?

I sit down. I push the keys on the keyboard. Words appear on the screen. Sometimes I use an ancient tool known as a pencil and a piece of paper. It’s the award winning formula that every writer should use.
5 You’ve found a magic lamp and have three wishes. What are you going to chose?

You mean am I going to choose the Magic Lamp or the Three Wishes? I’ll take the lamp, because I can have that indefinitely.
6 What advice would you give to any new writer?

Listen. When you’re doing research, you need to ask questions and then shut up and listen. When you’re writing, you need to shut up and listen to your inner voice. When you’re work is being read for feedback and critique, shut up and listen to what’s being told to you. You don’t have to agree with it, but how can you process and apply it if you’re not listening?

Listening is not a function of the ears. It is a function of the brain.
7 What are your interests outside writing?

Movies, chess, stand-up comedy,
8 Describe your personality using only 5 words.

Not stupid, but not perfect, either.

9 Name one of your books or stories and give us your best one line blurb.

The Sweetest Death

If you had only minutes left to live, who would be in your thoughts?

10 Your question. Ask yourself one question that hasn’t already been asked. And answer it yourself.

The answer is 42.

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