Only Lovers Left Alive ~ A Super Short Review

I want to make a short addition to this super short review. Anton Yelchin had a very important part in this film. calls his character, Ian, The Renfield. 

His performance was genuine and he put a lot of himself into the character. More so than any of his other roles, which I will write a larger piece about that will be similar in style to Discovering Tilda. For now, here is a reblog of my original review of Only Lovers Left Alive. 

Confessions of a Cart Jockey

There are movies that I inevitably wind up defending with my life, violently, if necessary. Only Lovers Left Alive is now one of those films.

Starring Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleton, Adam and Eve are two vampires who live on opposite ends of the world but are husband and wife to one another. Eve is closer to 5,000 years old whereas Adam is a more recent vintage and both characters have a fair amount of respect for life and accomplishment, even if Adam is suffering what appears to be an existential midlife crisis of sorts.

The reason I know I’ll end up defending the movie later on is that this is not two hours worth of “vampire porn”. By that I mean, this is no Twilight, but it’s not Lost Boys either. This is very much a vampire film for adults that is heavier on the story and the character…

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