Seeking Feedback Online

Seeking feedback for your story online is like drinking dirty water for the purposes of re-hydration. Yeah, it might be all you have, but your body still has to work extra hard to sort the good stuff from the crap.

I’ve received some great feedback from the forum where I usually post stories for critique. At the same time, there’s the periods of waiting for someone to read and respond. And, like a panhandler, there’s the sifting through the pieces of pyrite and hoping for a nugget of real gold. (I’m just trucking out the water related metaphors in this one)

For the record, online or in person, I’ve had about the same mix of satisfaction and frustration.

5 thoughts on “Seeking Feedback Online

  1. We were told in art school that we were fortunate if we received 25% encouragement versus 75% discouragement. The great violinist Joshua bell played in a New York subway and was ignored completely. Often times artistic talent goes unrecognized. The there’s the favorite cliche of my mother, not everyone likes tomatoes. Well, mon ami, I like your tomatoes. This last essay is very well written and I love your analogies. Carry on🙋🏻✨

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    1. It can work either way for me. The trouble with forming relationships with anyone is that if there isn’t a reasonable amount of contact with that person, you can still get blindsided.

      By the way, the description of your book really intrigues me. I’m looking forward to reading it. 😉


      1. I’ve built the relationship up over years – that’s the advantage of having a book (Mayhem) no agent wanted because it was too difficult to market. There’s been five years learning about publishing and meeting people. Black’s Nest should be out January – finances dictate that’s the most likely time. For fantasy/sci fi writers I recommend It’s an amazing forum. It’s the online writers group I survived longer than a year on (now coming up for six years I think). I’ve watched how the various members have progressed.


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