The Seed She Was After ~ An Original Story

I’ve made some edits and did a little pruning. This will be the next story I read in my web series, so any insights will be appreciated.

Nathanielle Sean Crawford

Even Hades had to smile.

The short sleeves of her simple, well-worn dress, revealed the developed arms of labor’s constant bedfellow. Her face, lined with dignified wrinkles and crowned by short, curled gray hair was a portrait of defiance to the vanity of Olympus. Not so unusual, as many gods preferred a more “down-to-earth” appearance, she was still more pleasing to behold than Hephaestus.

Demeter invited him to sit down. “I’m so glad you came.”

The chairs and table were unremarkable, domestic, factory made. Unlike the gazebo with its smooth marble floor and ceiling of clear glass, vines growing straight from the ground, forming intricate railings and windows that overlooked the vast gardens surrounding them. Flowers of every color grew from the walls, testifying to the dramatic flair that all gods possessed; no matter how human they pretended to be.

All of her servants were busy tending to the orchards, groves…

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