At The Book Signing (A Writing Prompt)


Author’s Note: The following piece is fanfiction written in response to a writing prompt. I claim no ownership of the characters depicted here.

“Thanks for coming, Odd Squad.”

“What seems to be the problem,” Agent Olympia asked. Her eyes scanned the bookstore with unchecked enthusiasm, while her partner, Agent Otis, kept a professional level of reserve.

“Well,” the author, who was seated at a big folding table, covered with a nice white cloth, gestured to a stack of books. “I’m having my book signing today. But, oh, here comes someone now. Watch.”

The agents watched as a customer brought her copy to the table, gushing as gave her name.

“Isn’t he the best?” She asked.

Otis smiled, politely, then gaped when the woman disappeared.

“See!” The author shouted. “As soon as I write their name down in the book, they disappear. If this keeps up, no one will want to read my books.”

Olympia said, “I know what’s happening!”

She grabbed one of the books and said, “Can you make this one out to Agent Olympia.”

“What are you doing?” Otis asked.

“Trust me!”

The author reluctantly signed the book as requested. Olympia disappeared instantly, leaving her partner bewildered. A second later, the book store was filled with all of the author’s readers, carrying their books and reliving their odd experience.

Olympia held her copy in one hand, and a gadget in the other, smiling proudly.

“Every time you wrote a person’s name in the book, they immediately became a character. I just went in there and zapped them all with the UnCharacternater Gadget.”

“Wow!” The author said. “Thanks Odd Squad.”

“Happy to help. I can’t wait to read the next one!”

Olympia’s nose was already buried in her copy as she and Otis made their way for the tube location, behind one of the shelves. Another customer came to the author’s table.

“Make this one out to Valiant DeStrong.”

On hearing the name, the author said, “Oh, that’s odd. My main character’s named…”

He looked up and immediately recognized his main character, who had been taken from the pages of his book just as his readers were.

“Odd Squuaaaad!”

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