Word Economy at the Library

I need a physical copy of the first draft if I’m going to do any real proofreading. I can’t stare at the screen with the kind of concentration you need for doing a good proofread, but since I don’t have a printer, that means seeking outside services.

The closest place to me that is also the cheapest, is the library in Peabody Institute Library in Danvers. For five cents a page, they may be ten miles away, but it’s where I’m going to go for my printing needs.

All writers are, or should be, aware of the phrase Word Economy. It’s a simple idea. Why use ten words when five will do? It’s a concept that applies to all writing whether it’s two bit blog posts or Soundheim scripts.

In my case, a good proofread can reveal anywhere from fifty to a thousand words I don’t need. That pruning can make the difference between a final draft that costs one dollar to a dollar fifty. Word economy has never applied to me more than when it comes time to print.

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