Dual Survival: Where are the Women Survivalists?

The Discovery Channel is not afraid to put women in survival scenarios as evidenced by Naked and Afraid. Naked and Afraid seems gimmicky at times, but there is practicality behind the concept, especially in showing the world that women are capable survivors, whether they have to work with a male partner, or go it solo when their partner taps out.

Recently, they filmed a series of Dual Survival with two veteran male participants from Naked and Afraid XL. We’ve seen some great teams on this show but they’ve all been men. So here’s my question: Where are the female teams?

I’m going to give the producers the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they’ve been putting their feelers out there for women and no one’s responded to the casting call, or had the right sets of skills to balance one another out. There was at least one person I know of in Naked and Afraid who either lied on her resume, or just had one applicable skill that she oversold (and didn’t put to use during her challenge) so I know that not everyone is up to the task of enduring a survival situation for the purposes of education.

I just can’t believe there aren’t two women out there, each with a set of opposing yet applicable skills and sets of experiences, that could work together long enough to encourage other women, especially kids who are my sister’s age, that may need to use those skills in real life someday.

So I’m putting this out there, to the producers in charge of these survival shows, and to the fans who may agree with me: We need a team of women on Dual Survival. Lets make it happen.

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