The Smallest Dragonboy By Anne McCaffrey

Someone introduced me to Anne McCaffrey a very long time ago. I loved the premise, but in true teenager fashion, I was instantly opposed to anything someone else suggested.

With apologies to the late author, who made such an impact in the world of writing and science fiction that it’s unacceptable not to know her name, I have now read one of her stories. I don’t know if I’ll ever tackle the entire Dragon Riders of Pern series, but this story was an excellent sampling of the greater buffet that I denied myself for years.

The story is simple. The smallest potential dragon rider is picked on and undervalued by his peers, especially the big jerk who has constantly failed to Impress a hatchling after eight tries. The boy winds up overcoming adversity by impressing the dragon that is of a very high and impressive breed.

I say it’s simple without intending to insult the McCaffrey. It’s because I have been reading with a critical eye of late that I saw the ending coming long before reading the last page. That should not be taken to mean that you should not read the story, or that it wasn’t an impressive journey from the first word to the last.


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