The Ideas in My Head is now Available

As if you didn’t get enough of them. But remember, every book sold ensures that I won’t get so bored that I try making bacon flavored Cheerios again (The town of Salem will thank you).

The Ideas in My Head

Here is the link to Smashwords. The book will be available through the other online retailers hopefully soon. You can pay what you want for a copy though I’m not sure if that option will only be available through Smaswhords, or if it will be available on the other sites.

A big thanks to Mary Sage Nguyen for the cover. A talented artist and writer, I am looking forward to seeking her work on future projects. Check out her website and see what I mean.

Nathan Premade 4 (WINE).jpg

Although the book is available in e-book format, I had to share this mock-up. This was really above and beyond and if you’re shopping for book covers, I hope this gives you a reason to consider Mary for your project.

Update: The lowest price set by Smashwords on the Pay What You Want option is 4.95. There’s nothing I can do about that, so here’s the alternative.

If you want to pay me directly via Paypal ( you can still name your price which may be as low as one dollar and I’ll send you the book in PDF format, along with the cover art in a as separate attachment.


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