Fiction Writers Screw Ups by Linda Meckler: A Zeta Reads Review

Most online stores require you to buy the book before you review it. This review is based on the title and the sample provided by the author. The purpose of Zeta Reads reviews is to caution readers against paying money for a book that is poor quality. Hopefully the author will be empowered to take a hard look at their work before asking for money from readers.

Linda Meckler caught my attention with her most recent offering: A book about mistakes in fiction. Presumably this includes grammar details. You may have noticed the “mistake” I made in the title of this post. That was intentional and you can see for yourself.

Fiction Writers Screw Ups

The formatting is more appropriate for a school report and then only as a first draft. Considering she’s charging six dollars for this work, it’s very underwhelming. The section on dialogue is only four paragraphs long and like the rest of the work, the formatting is more suited to a high school book report – and then only as a first draft.


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