The Hunted: Encore

How do you solve three needs at once? Especially if those needs happen to be action, vampires, and musicals? Well, until recently if you went to Youtube and searched for The Hunted, two of those needs were easy. But now that The Hunted’s newest affiliate has launched their newest series, we may yet have the much needed cure for the election epidemic that’s been giving us a case of the blues.

The Hunted is a mock-reality series that is best described as Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Cops. Created by Robert Chapin in 2001, the series has inspired other budding filmmakers to contribute content to the long reaching mythos.

In addition to the thousands of unique episodes created by filmmakers from as far away as South Africa, the four main affiliates are The Hunted: Tampa, The Hunted: Compton, The Chronicles of Kendall, and most recently The Hunted: Expulsion, which has now been fully rebooted in the form Encore.

Encore offers what fans of the series have already fallen in love with: Fast paced storytelling, expert stunt work and choreography, and the unique brand of humor that has been the hallmark of The Hunted. But now they’ve taken it up a notch by turning it into a musical.

As I said before, this is the much needed cure for what has been a long and bloody election. If you’ve been feeling the blues, The Hunted: Encore is your pill.

I’ll Be In the Tardis

For Halloween I am binging Doctor Who. The last half of Season Seven and all of Season Eight.

This has been such a politically charged, blood thirsty year that I’ve forgotten who I am in the midst of all the mud slinging. The Doctor would be ashamed of us all. We’re better than this and he knows it.

However the election goes, whoever we’re faced with in the end, I will be doing my level best to clean up the mess we all made fighting with each other.

Going Solo

It turns out Lulu has a few too many requirements for my tastes. I revised The Ideas in My Head about three times and each time, a couple of dollars were added to the total for customers.

Now, I can still buy a copy of my own book for less than five dollars a copy. I should probably forgo the goal of selling my book through Barnes and Noble and just try to go it solo as much as possible.


“Oh Wow! It’s Danny Jolles!”

Imagine my surprise when I see comedian, actor, and all around amazing guy Danny Jolles, on the television screen, last night, while watching Son of Zorn.

If you haven’t seen the commercial, here it is. I hope it’s okay that I’m linking to it, since it’s available on Youtube to begin with, but for legal reasons I suppose I should make it clear that neither Danny Jolles, nor Pepsi, have asked me to do this.

Pepsi Commercial 2016 Odell Beckham Jr. Break Out The Pepsi: Checkers

I discovered Danny via the podcast: High Confidence, Low Self Esteem. And I shouldn’t be so presumptuous to think that I can use his first name so liberally. The fact is, as someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, people think I don’t know the difference between someone who was nice to me the one or two times he actually spoke to me/responded to a Facebook message/Tweet, and an actual friend. I do know this, actually, but it doesn’t change the fact that the nervous energy Danny refers to on stage is very similar to what I have gone through all my life (Actually, my brother was the one who wet the bed, but that’s neither here, nor there).

It’s his down-to-Earth personality both on and off the stage that really won me over as a fan first and clips from his shows sealed the deal: especially this bit about aliens. (I do keep checking his calendar frequently and hope that he’ll be in the Salem/Boston area someday soon.)

If stand up isn’t your thing but you like sketch comedy, you can see Danny’s work in Chess Club and Sasquatch Comedy. He also costars with the Sasquatch group in another previous work that I’ve reviewed called Blood, Sweat, and Activewear.

Check out Danny Jolles’s personal website for schedule and contact information.

Shepod with Sarah and Rachel (not the Bible Ones)

I’ve been wanting to listen to this podcast for awhile. Most of the podcasts I’ve listened to are mostly by men, or have a largely male cast. And I would listen to more female oriented podcasts, but I don’t necessarily know where to begin. Like with any major social encounter, I feel better if I know at least one person.

I don’t know Sarah Tenenbein, but I’m familiar with her work on Me, Redone. So when I knew she was co-hosting Shepod, I found the website and was grateful to know that I don’t actually need iTunes to listen to it.

Comedian Rachel King is her co-host and they’re both incredibly intelligent and funny women.

Subject matter ranges from women’s issues, health, 90’s nostalgia, dogs, clothes, and food. Although they routinely joke about having a handful of male listeners, they appeal to a broad range. Some of the subject matter may make some guys squeamish, but if you’re willing to listen you could actually find some of the answers to things you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.