One thing I’ve learned is that you never can expect to impress someone with your accomplishments. Nothing will ever be as important to someone else as it is to you. There will always be a member of that clandestine organization of hindsight detectives, lurking around the corner, hiding in the shadows, waiting to discredit or downplay your achievement.

Fortunately for me there are far more people who recognize the effort I’ve put in and will readily say so. It’s not that I need praise but you can’t say it doesn’t help. There’s only so far “Its own reward” can carry you. You don’t go to work every single day of the week for a pat on the back, but for those times when you go out of your way to do something that’s important to you, it’s certainly nice when someone recognizes it.

On the last day of September, I walked from Salem to Newburyport. I don’t know where you live, or what the equivalent would be, but the distance is roughly twenty miles. There are entire stretches of road without sidewalks, or any other sign that you are on an inhabited planet. The farms and the valleys stretch long and wide, horses graze in their enclosures, and beer cans litter the ditches (Go to my other blog for my commentary about the beer cans).

In my possession was a bag with fliers like this one:

The Latest E-Book by Nathanielle Sean Crawford


Welcome to the mind of Nathanielle Sean Crawford, keep your hands inside the car. Our first stop is a museum of fine art, where the light is about to shine on a decades old heist. Then it’s off to a distant planet for a slice of birthday cake, which we’ll wash down with a cup of Demeter’s tea. After a brief look at the author’s life from late teens to early thirties, we’ll see a world where recycling is taken to the logical extreme. Our tour ends in a sleepy town where a strange flower can cure women of ailments associated with pregnancy, but the cost may be too high for one young woman who is destined to take on the legacy.


The Ideas in My Head now available at Smashwords

Other e-books by this author are available at Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and your local independent bookstore

I posted a flier wherever I could. Usually in Laundromats, there’s a pegboard for local businesses and events to advertise, and as I was a local in the strictly regional sense, it wasn’t overstepping to post a flier there. My reasoning is that someone, no matter where they are on the scale, has access to the Internet or some device. Someone will get curious and check out the book.

Why did I walk all that way, just to put up what some will refer to as a “handful of fliers”? Because I had set the goal in the beginning of the week and I would not have been happy with myself if I fell short. Every time I stopped at a train station, just to see that I was going in the right direction, the little voice of doubt told me to take the train the rest of the way. I ignored it and kept walking.

Newburyport was a thousand times sweeter when I finally arrived. Do you know how food sometimes tastes better when you made it yourself? It’s because you didn’t fail at it. You trusted your instincts, you followed the directions, and you got rewarded for your efforts. It’s an amazing feeling and no drug can replace it (However, I’m not sure if this relates to the endorphin rush I was riding, but when I got home, I stood outside, naked on the back porch, when I let my dog out. I’ll let the therapists and criminal investigators sort that one out).

I will be making a few shout outs in the form of Yelp reviews and things that certain places will hopefully appreciate. But if I get even one new reader from this pilgrimage it will all have been worth it.

2 thoughts on “Pilgrimage

  1. Such an admirable sojourn. You are unique and honest.
    When I figure out the logistics I’ll g t your books. When my son and I get over our colds well come to Salem. Miss you both.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m just glad to know you’re all right. I worried when I didn’t hear from you in awhile and I’m sorry I didn’t stop by your house to say hello. I think I was on your street, but I didn’t know if I remembered your exact house.

      Anyway, I hope you get well soon and I look forward to meeting your son. 🙂

      I’ll look into getting print versions of my books available to distribute as gifts.


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