The Next Book?

All ready I have people asking me about my next book. I have a line up of concepts and outlines ahead of me, but as always the challenge is who is reading what I’ve written and what path do I take in the marketing of said work?

October has to be a grindstone month. My main goal is to get back into the swing of things with some kind of employment. I don’t need or want suggestions, so don’t make them in the comments section, please. I’ll figure something out.

November is traditionally Novel Writing Month for many online writers. There are many schools of thought as to the legitimacy of Nano and I don’t get it, really. So what if a novel is more than fifty thousand words, that’s still fifty thousand words to work with. I’m not going to look down on someone who gets that done and I’m not going to converse with someone who’s only aim is to trash talk the people who organize and participate in it every year.

A month feels like a reasonable amount of time to go between writing projects. October can be used productively and there’s time to narrow down and decide which project will get my time.

3 thoughts on “The Next Book?

  1. Nathaniel
    I am Tim the owner of Remember Salem I’m not sure what happened but I know you were a great customer in my shop for a long time. I was told by my staff something that may not be true. Jimmy is a neighborhood guy who comes by and does janitor work at the shop he is not an owner. I would like to offer you a possible conversation I would really like to listen to you if there was an error made and what ever I can do to make this right for you, if my employees were incorrect and handled things that way there will be consequences for them. I am not happy with any of this I see you all the time I’m more than happy to talk with you you can call me any time 617.792.9139
    OR please stop me on the street or come by let’s talk



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