The Art of Self Reliance

Having to rely one hundred percent on myself is the biggest challenge to self-publishing.
People are always quick with a suggestion. They tell you that anyone should be willing to help you with editing or proofreading. Then when you say, “Not for free”, they reply with, “You’d be surprised.”
I’m like, yeah, I’d be surprised if you were actually offering to do those things for free. But I’m not surprised if other people aren’t because I don’t assume that total strangers will bend over backwards to help me.
So unfortunately, suggestions don’t mean as much to me as actions. So it’s no surprise to me that my proof copy of the print edition of my book has errors. I need to work those out one hundred percent on my own. After all that, there will still be mistakes, no doubt. It’s the best I can do.
Anyone who wants to genuinely assist me is welcome to.

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