Shepod with Sarah and Rachel (not the Bible Ones)

I’ve been wanting to listen to this podcast for awhile. Most of the podcasts I’ve listened to are mostly by men, or have a largely male cast. And I would listen to more female oriented podcasts, but I don’t necessarily know where to begin. Like with any major social encounter, I feel better if I know at least one person.

I don’t know Sarah Tenenbein, but I’m familiar with her work on Me, Redone. So when I knew she was co-hosting Shepod, I found the website and was grateful to know that I don’t actually need iTunes to listen to it.

Comedian Rachel King is her co-host and they’re both incredibly intelligent and funny women.

Subject matter ranges from women’s issues, health, 90’s nostalgia, dogs, clothes, and food. Although they routinely joke about having a handful of male listeners, they appeal to a broad range. Some of the subject matter may make some guys squeamish, but if you’re willing to listen you could actually find some of the answers to things you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

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