An Odd Thing Happened At the Alamo

I’ve been waiting to write about Timeless for awhile now. I was wary at first, thinking it would be just another rehashing of Time Cop: The Series, especially when they couldn’t even go five episodes without bringing our time travelers to World War Two. But by that time the characters were well established and the story was underway to the point that they could have some martial arts aficionado do the splits on a breakfast counter and I wouldn’t care.

This past Monday’s episode took place at the Alamo. We saw such historical figures as Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, and the John Smith who would go on to be Mayor of Detroit. This John Smith caught me quite by surprise when I saw a familiar face and thought, “No way. It can’t be him.”

And sure enough when I checked the cast for the episode, I saw the name I was familiar with after a couple of years of watching this odd show. Yeah, it’s Sean Michael Kyer and he knocks this guest part right out of the fort.

Honestly from the action scene that introduces his character right up until his first real speaking part, I didn’t recognize him as the main scientist of the Odd Squad headquarters. Then I saw the distinctive eyes and I thought, “Yeah, this kid is going on to bigger and better things.”

To quote Emperor Palpatine, “We’ll be watching your career with great interest.”

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