People in Real Life Vs People in Fiction

Does anyone else write because people in real life don’t make sense?
I think I know someone and then, out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, they turn heel and behave in a way that feels very near to a punch in the gut.
And no one needs a reason for this.
In fiction, everything has to happen for a reason. People can’t behave this way, “Just because”, because it wouldn’t make sense within the context of the story.
I write fiction because then I have a reason for people’s behavior. I read and watch fiction because even if I get to know someone over the course of their time on screen, they may change in a surprising and shocking way, but there’s always an explanation for it.
People in real life are scary and unpredictable. Even in non-fiction, the narrator/writer still has to have an explanation for their actions. But before the story is told or the research is done, everything can and will happen and it’s as nasty as it is unexpected.

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