Bunny Lake Is Missing (My Second Faux TVtropes Entry)

Tvtropes has a terrible login system, so this was my attempt at contributing to TVtropes via my own blog.

Confessions of a Cart Jockey

Continuing with my trend of being a self-styled honorary troper until someone from tvtropes.org notices me and helps me get my membership in order, I have decided to make a new page for the movie Bunny Lake is Missing. It’s especially apropos, since there is no full page in existence at the actual website.

Bunny Lake is Missing is a film in the Mystery, Thriller genres, filmed in London in 1965. Starring Carol Lynley, Keir Dullea, and Laurence Olivier.

After leaving her four year-old daughter, Bunny at a nursery, Annie Lake spends the morning adjusting to her new life in England. Upon returning to the preschool, Anne is distraught at learning that not only is her daughter missing, but that none of the staff seem to remember seeing her.

Only her brother, Stephen seems to be aware of Bunny’s existence and even that becomes suspect as it seems that…

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