Why All the Murders?

Pretty much this is what has soured my view towards any show or book claiming to be a mystery.

Confessions of a Cart Jockey


Let me first start by saying thank you to Mainely Murders Bookstore for having this sign that so perfectly illustrates the theme of this post. I hope to get a chance to check out the actual store the next time I’m in Kennebunk, Maine. Now, on to the post.

What is so great about murder in fiction?

Grantchester, Midsommer, Doctor Blake, Miss Fisher, Father Brown and an endless list of Masterpiece Mysteries all revolve around the heinous crime of taking the life of another human being. I can’t help but feel that if the death toll in real life were to ever match the combined total of all of the murders in these shows, the planet’s population problem would be licked.

It wouldn’t be so bad accept that the stories are so boringly predictable. The allure of a mystery is that it allows the viewer or reader to gather clues…

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