So Many Projects. So, this is what they meant.

It’s not that I didn’t understand what some people were saying about having multiple writing projects going all at once. It’s just that when I started putting stuff out there, I had a timetable mentality of having to get everything done one after the other. Don’t start the next story until you’ve finished the first one and so help me young man, you’d better finish every word and punctuation mark on your plate.

Unfortunately, I ran into a snag on one project. So that means staring at the screen and hoping something happens, or working on something else for a time.

Then I got to thinking about the unanswered questions in Ashrose Tee. Dina pick up I also got to thinking about what the modern equivalent of Rumpelstiltskin might be and how that the answer would make a great sequel to Ashrose Tee, wherein I could also tie up those loose ends.

But having multiple projects going is better than having nothing going at all.

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