Writing Something that Six Billion People will get? Good luck.

The Voynich manuscript is a paradox of the writing world. A book written in a language that no one alive on Earth can translate, as far as we know. It is most known for having no cipher, no recognizable characters, and no one can even say for certain what culture it may have originated from.

The Voynich manuscript is a book that six billion people do not get. It has achieved what many writers wish they could achieve… in reverse.

Now and again, I’ll write a post that only reaches out to one or two readers. It’s not because I’m trying to alienate a larger group of readers. Rather, I’m trying to draw a larger crowd by throwing out the one or two things I might have in common with them.

Not everyone will get it. That’s fine. Of course, you could also google most of what I’ll write about in those instances.

The category will be hence called: All Two Of You

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