Penn and Teller’s B.S.

I hope people appreciate that I don’t swear on this blog. It’s the consequence of living in largely Puritanical society that places unfair standards on the use of language. I personally have no problem with swearing, but I understand that there is a time and place for it.

Similarly, if you find Penn and Teller’s B.S. on the shelves wherever DVDs are sold, you’ll likely see the censored title of the show that you can find, on demand, through Showtime. The show itself is not so censored, so please be warned.

I would say that if I had seen this before Adam Ruins Everything, that the latter show was a sanitized version of the former. Since Adam Conover escaped the confines of College Humor, he had to trade the freedom of language that the Internet provides for the aforementioned Puritanical standards that TruTV is forced to operate under. Penn and Teller have no such restraints on Showtime and therefore, I say this with all due respect to all parties mentioned, that Penn and Teller’s BULLSHIT! is the adult version of two shows that work hard to expose the failures of humanity.

What the two shows have in common is that no one is trying to insult the victims of those failures but rather, the perpetrators. The scam artists, the snake oil salespeople, the ones who take all of your money in exchange for a placebo effect that can, in some cases, have potentially hazardous consequences.

If you’re a fan of Penn and Teller, this show is for you. Even if you aren’t a fan of the two most recognized names in stage magic, you might just be someone who likes two guys that call it as they see it. Okay, Penn does more of the “calling” and Teller provides much of the “seeing”, but still, you can take their word to the bank and probably get a lot of funny looks from the bank tellers (pun not intended).

Like Adam’s show, Penn and Teller’s B.S. leaves me with so many questions about things I have long suspected to be BS but the world in general is okay with. There’s eight seasons worth of half hour episodes and I’m only starting to binge watch them all.

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