Thicker Skin, Sharper Fangs

A fair warning to anyone who posts a story online. I am going to read it and when I do, I am going to comment on it. You won’t always like what I have to say. You’ll accuse me of poking holes and trying to find problems. But if I take the time to make comments at all, understand that it is only because I think you are worth the time and effort.

Consider how many stories I have read where I didn’t even bother to leave a comment, because I was afraid to hurt the feelings of a writer who was already so lavished with praise by other readers that a note of critique or suggestion of improvement, would shatter their confidence always.

With that being said, know that I now have a Wattpad account. Yes. I have joined a website that is essentially what Fanfiction and were back when those sites were better managed. Wattpad has all of the same features and some extra features that I’ve come to enjoy, including the ability to leave a comment on a very specific sentence or item of the story, so that the writer may correlate the comment with the specific item in question. This feature can be especially useful in editing.

Writers with weak skin, beware. I am out to reach a new group of readers with free content and I expect the same honest feedback in return for what I am willing to impart. Thank you.

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